Sunday, June 26, 2011

2011 Donkey Derby!

LOL this was a TON of FUN this year!  Perhaps it was because I pulled back and was unable to be involved in every single detail of managing this HUGE event?  (ya THINK?!)  But I had a blast and earned myself a bright RED sunburn on my cheeks mainly because I arrived in town at 9AM met with friends at 930 am and since it was not BLISTERING HOT did not bother to wear a hat. Big Mistake!  Anyway, I spent Saturday blazing away with my camera the best I could and grabbed some great Parade Photos!  My dogs were sure TIRED after hoofin it up and down the concrete!  It finally got too crowded to take pics so I gave up and went to the Elks Lodge (BPOE 316) for a tall one.
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Howdii Folks! 

Petting Zoo Critters!

My Hot Dog! Breakfast of Champions!

She really IS smiling! Texas Hat Lady, comes every year and sells the BEST Cowboy hats!

Happy Donkey Rider!

How's he look? Tryin a new hat!

Ummm Ok.....

Checking the Schedule Pre Sunburn.......

A couple of Hot Dogs for ya...

 the Best Way to keep track of yer kid!

Bruce and Krystal Brown, Mayor and Mayorette

Sandi Nussbaum, Mike Nussbaum and our newest addition to Cripple Creek, Harley

Red Tail the Mountain Man!  To find out more about him go to his  website

 Shamrock Ranch Entries........
 Victorian Society......

 These boys were dancin for more Candy!

These little girls were waiting for more candy too!

Shriners!  They ALWAYS Represent in a BIB BIG WAY!  Thank YOU to the Shriners!

Pikes Peak Range Riders aka Rollin Saddle Sores......This group of businessmen left Colorado Springs on Tuesday the 21 of June and rode over the Pikes Peak Range, camped out on a local ranchers outfit and then rode in our Parade, they do this almost every year.  Thank You Range Riders!  You make our Parade Spectacular with all of your colorful ponies and gear!

And, Last but not Least....our magnificent POOPER SCOOPERS!  LOL This is what happens to convicts in Cripple Creek, POO DUTY!
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honestly this bloggin thing is time consuming and tiresome and every time I come back to the blog its a new format.  Hard for this old dog to learn new tricks, especially when FB is so durned EZ!  BUT thanks for following along with me, I do enjoy taking the photos.  Now I will be headin out to the high country to find some not so burnt up country to ride my pony check back later this summer for updates on my trail adventures on my Golden Palomino mare, Barbie and sidekick Skipper!

Carrie N Miller

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